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Tony's House Of Tender Meats is known for its quality range of beef products. All of our carcass beef is delivered daily from Gin Gin and boned in store by experienced and professional butchers. Available all year round is our succulent grass and grain-fed beef that's always cut to your liking while you wait. We also specialise in Wagu Beef & Cape Byron.

Grass Fed Beef - It's Simply Better

There are numerous articles around the pros and cons of grass fed versus Grain Fed beef and the impact on our health. The fact that you are reading this may mean that you are considering buying or have bought from Tony's House of Tender Meats and are therefore conscious of how your meat is produced and how this affects your health. We are very conscious of this too and are passionate about free range, grass fed meat.

Our animals are farmed in the traditional way; they are allowed to roam the paddock and graze as they please; they are also free of antibiotics and hormones.

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Supporting Local Farmers
At Tonys House of Tender Meats we are 100% committed to supporting local farmers and delivering to you a quality, traceable and convenient product.

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