Award Winning Sausages

BUTCHER Tony Palmieri is excited and delighted to have come second in the National Sausage competition (chorizo). The event to crown the King of sausage making is run by the Australian Meat Industry Council and is held each year among the winners of each state’s Royal Show competitions.

"I've had a second and a third, and now I want a first." Tony believes he can do it in 2016. The judges come together for the two-day event in Adelaide at The Hilton Hotel where participants are asked to bring their raw product on the plane (the raw sausages travel on ice in eskies).

Choose from a large selection of homemade award winning sausages including our famous Aussie BBQ, Italian, Sicilian, Touclose sausages all in natural casings. We also stock and supply:
Coleiac Sausages (preservative & Binder Free)
Gluten Free Sausages (5kg min order - You can supply your spices)

Perths Best sausages